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Welcome to the NC 56 Corridor Study Website!

Have you ever experienced long backups along NC 56? Or had trouble making left-hand turns in or out of businesses?

The Town of Butner, the City of Creedmoor, Granville County, NCDOT, and the Capital Area MPO are collaborating to address these issues by studying potential improvements to NC 56 between the Town of Butner and the City of Creedmoor. The project will review the long-term vision for the corridor and incremental, short-term improvements to realize that long-term vision. The goal is to create an attractive, well-functioning road connecting these two municipalities that accommodates the needs of all the residents in the area, adds value to the communities, and enhances economic vitality for the region.

Study Overview

The NC 56 Corridor Study is looking at a 4.5-mile stretch of NC 56 that runs between 33rd Street in Butner and Darden Drive in Creedmoor. The two-lane roadway is regionally significant as it is one of the few east-west corridors in the area and carries an average of 9,000 to 15,000 vehicles per day. Congestion on the corridor, which is higher than would be expected from the daily level of traffic, is amplified by inadequate access management, heavy turning conflicts, and substantial truck volumes. The roadway also traverses a number of different land uses throughout this stretch which makes designing a roadway that accommodates the needs of all users an important challenge.

Study Objective

The goal of this project is to clarify the long-term vision for this corridor, while also identifying opportunities to address existing needs over a shorter timeframe. Current plans recommend widening NC 56 to four lanes by 2040. The study team will re-assess this proposal, as well as considering lower-cost projects that can provide more immediate benefits with minimal disruption to existing residents, businesses, the environment, and long-range plans. An integrated strategy of short-term operational improvements, long-term infrastructure investments, and coordinated land use and development policies will be identified to preserve and enhance environmental resources and the economic vitality of the corridor and the surrounding communities it supports.

Study Schedule

The duration of this study is approximately ten months, with draft project proposals expected in the summer of 2015. The study incorporates two public workshops, critical opportunities for citizens to provide input on transportation problems; potential solutions and priorities; important community features to be preserved and enhanced; and outcomes to be avoided. The study team will also meet regularly with key stakeholders who are helping guide the consultants in conducting the study.

January 2015 - 1st Public Meeting, Existing Conditions & Issues; Spring 2015 - 2nd Public Meeting, Draft Recommendations; Summer 2015 - Final Report

Study Updates

Final Plan Posted - The project team has completed the final plan. This document has been presented to, and approved by, the Creedmoor Board of Commissioners, the Butner Town Council, the Granville County Board of Commissioners, and the CAMPO Executive Committee. The final plan is available under the Study Documents section.

Draft Final Plan Posted The project team has completed a draft of the final plan for the NC 56 Corridor Study. This plan covers existing conditions, future recommendations, implementation, and public involvement. Take a look at the report in the Study Documents section.

Existing Conditions Report Posted - The project team has completed an Existing Conditions Report which documents how the corridor functions today. This report is based on feedback from the public, stakeholder interviews, new traffic counts, and other plans and reports about the area. The report identifies key resources in the corridor as well as issues and areas of concern. Take a look at the report in the Study Documents section.

Public Meeting #2 - The second Public Meeting was held on May 12, 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to present a number of draft options for the corridor and solicit feedback from the community on these options. View the presentation boards and meeting presentation.

The first Public Meeting was held on January 26, 2015 The purpose of the meeting was the initial data collection and gather more information from the community on the issues in the corridor and suggested strategies for improving the corridor. View the maps marked up with comments from meeting participants, as well as the meeting presentation.